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bitter sweet

Tuesday Morning Dreamer
19 October
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"you can't expect to run around in the dark all the time and not fall down once in awhile."
-Chad Kroeger

that's pretty much....me.
advice, air, animals, art, automatic cameras, avoidance, basketball, beaches, beef, being alternative, being cleansed, being hateful, being inspired, being legal, being outside, black and white photography, book stores, books, bright eyes, camels, cameras, candles, candyland, carnivals, cereal, cheeseburgers in the funkmobile, cheesefries, chicago cubs, children, city roads, clouds, collages, colorado, concerts, confidence, conforming, cutebaby, doodling, dr pepper, dr. seuss, drawing, dreams, drifting, driving way too fast, dulcimers, exclamation points, extreme clam digging, family, family guy, feminism, floridian sand, flying, friends, funny faces, gaelic, garage sales, grand pianos, green, guess who, guitar, hooded sweatshirts, hypocrisy, i = win, ice cream sandwiches, ice cubes, inside jokes, ireland, jesus-freaks, laughing, letting go, light bright, living, loathing certain people, loving, meditation, memories, mountains, movies, music, my house, mystery, nickelback, night, not being a rebel, not being a whore, notebooks, nuggies with lynn, ocean waters, oceans, ogham, old people, painting, paper-clip bracelets, pearl jam, photography, photojournalism, piano, playing music too loud, poetry, procrastinating, psycho-christians, rain, rainbow brite, reading, religions, respecting others, robeson park, robinella, salsa con queso, sarcasm, secrets, shooting stars, silly people, singing, sketching, sleep, smiles, smoothies, starbursts, starry nights, stars, stereotypes, strawberry candles, strawberry shortcake, strawberry shortcake from milbo, strength, summer, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 80's, the darkroom, the fuckmobile, the geo rocket, the moon, thickburgers, ushering with jessica, virginia theater, volunteering, wal-mart, writing